Give To The Cause of building, this is a call of action we need your financial support currently we are raising the funds through supporters and memberships to open and furnish our first local office in Savannah GA, and with your help we can do it we are raising $100,000 to launch our community world wide Break The Cycle Campaign tour to fight against poverty in our communities, with your support we will conduct community wide free workshop and seminars that focus on the re-build of our families and their financial future, with your support we will conduct community empowerment events that focus on change for better communities, we will help with mind-set building for better life choices, we you also conduct a program for our young, this program will teach our youth from age 5 and up about the important's of establishment, so support our cause and help us Break The Cycle in your area this is Marquis R. Jackson Sr. Lee asking you to support this cause. Thank you for your time.

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