Pastor's Coalition Team

Building The Body Of Christ In Today's World


Job Description – responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating activities associated
with the Coalition to include providing: general oversight for coalition activities and associated
projects; grant development, submission, and management; state and national reporting; and
technical assistance to local/regional coalitions and partnerships that focus on the Break The Cycle Campaign Movement. The
Coordinator will work to develop and implement strategies that will lead to long-term
involvement of community institutions, organizations and individuals in health promotion,
assessment, and evaluation activities.


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Level 1 Partnership

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Financial Literacy - 1 Understanding Precious Metals Investments

Financial Literacy - Understanding Precious Metals Investments

In this first part of the education series, we reveal to you the discoveries we have made about this whole complicated and confusing issue of investing in precious metals. We will show you the good, the bad and the ugly...and show you what we ultimately discovered.... and reveal to you how much of the ""smart money"" is investing right now.


Level 2 Partnership

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Financial Literacy - 2

Binary Options and Strategies Simplified

We demystify these limited risk contracts so that you can better understand the risks and rewards associated with these exciting strategies. You will discover how to watch for illegal activity, how to invest through regulated entities, how to realize huge investment gains and much more!

Bitcoin and Crypto: A Guide for the Rest of Us

Could this be the next ATM? Is Crypto the future of currency? Is Bitcoin all it’s cracked up to be? These questions and many others are answered in this straightforward, robust guide that will help you navigate the choppy waters of Bitcoin and Crypto and come out ahead—way ahead—of those who are not in the know. This guide even includes an incredible info-graphic on how a Bitcoin transaction works!


Level 3 Partnership

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Financial Literacy - 3

An Insiders Guide to Exchange Traded Funds

The more you know about exchange traded funds, the more you will be inspired to take action with your own financial goals. This remarkable guide will provide you with all the insider information you’ve been missing, while giving you a clearer path to charting your own course for long-term growth.

Dealing With Credit Card Debt:

It's very obvious that we now live in a credit world. There are lots of banking institutions offering different forms of credit from credit card to personal loans. The amount of people with credit cards is rising very fast. Apart from that, lots of people can hardly do without credit.

Economics – The truth behind the spin


  • Your money will grow
  • The World Economies today
  • Definition of Economics
  • Technical definition of Economics
  • How Markets Work
  • Economic Cycle
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Effect of Lowering Interest Rates
  • Effect of Raising Interest Rates
  • Demand for goods and services
  • Definition of Demand
  • Supply of goods and services
  • Definition of Supply
  • Money and Banking
  • So how did money come to be?
  • So how do Central Banks actually move Interest Rates? The Money Supply!
  • Banking
  • Measuring Economic Performance
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Business Cycle
  • Economic Growth
  • Definition of the Business Cycle
  • Government and the Economy
  • The Global Economy
  • Contrasting two Economic Powerhouses: USA and China
  • Conclusions


Level 4 Partnership

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Financial Literacy - 4

Multiple Streams of Income

Hedge Funds – Why Investors Love Them And Why You Should Too

Hedge funds can make people rich, it’s that simple. Or is it? The fact is, there’s a lot to know about how to make these enigmatic funds work in your favor. That’s what this guide is all about.

The Insiders Guide to Swing Trading

Debt Crisis

Understanding Debt
What Are Expenses?
Exploring your own debt
Create A Budget
Control High Interest Debt
Find Your Hidden Money
Debt Counseling
Refinancing A Mortgage
Know Your Rights
How To Deal With Creditors
Debt Consolidators
Sell Off Assets
Lifestyle Changes
Start Saving

How to Get Our of Debt and Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Binary Options: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in the Trenches


Level 5 Partnership

Product Details

Financial Literacy - 5

Residential Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Residential Real Estate
When you possess the know-how for real estate investing, you hold the keys to a brighter, more lucrative future. This essential guide will steer you in the right direction.

Commercial Real Estate – The Essential Guide To Investing In Commercial Real Estate
Some feel intimidated by commercial real estate investing, which leaves more room for the adventurous, success-minded investors. If that’s you, then this guide is a must have.

Forex Trading Series – How to Trade Forex With The Big Guys.
Trading Forex is not for the squeamish. The first in this series will make it look easy as you dip your toe in the deep end.

Forex Trading Series – Forex Trading Simplified

Forex Trading Series – How To Trade Forex Like A Seasoned Pro
The third installment in this incredible series, you will discover the inner workings of Forex trading so you can leapfrog ahead of the status quo.

Knowledge is Power: The Dow Theory Revealed

Just the Facts About American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

Secrets To Getting Traction With Momentum Trading

Level 5 Partnership

Level 6 Partnership

Product Details

Financial Literacy - 6

Investment Principles
Investing Principles You Use To Multiply Your Future
Buffett’s Rule About Playing Chess
Chess Applies To You, Too
Here’s Why You Leave The Analysis To Your Expert Advisor
Remember How Experts Look At a World Class Mutual Fund?
Investment Personality Test
Part 1: Investment goals
Part 2: Risk tolerance
Part 3: Ability to cope with uncertainty
Life Changes
You May Start Aggressive And Wind Up Conservative
Your Moderate Approach Trends Towards The Balanced Mode
You Should Measure Your Risk Tolerance
Strong Recovery Based On Astute Fund Management
Terms most frequently used relating to Retirement Investments
Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

Time Value of Money
Your Personal Starter Guide To Investing
Your money will grow
The world has grown smaller
Before you choose an expert
Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans
Investments are a part of your life
How you can start investing wisely
You are part of the world market
Don’t believe those wild stories
More about Retirement Accounts
Guess what’s the odd truth?
The alphabet soup of numbered titles
You add to your ways to invest
Investing beats going into debt
You need to be aware of hidden costs
Exploring the unknown may pay off
You may want to explore options
Taking the mystery out of ETFs
Your needs create improvements
You can learn details that are simple
The changing picture for 401 (k)
Just when does the taxman cometh?
You can almost hear the boom!
Welcome to the brave new world of investment change
You boomers will live longer
The high cost of health care
Removing the Safety Net
What does this mean to you?
Converting savings into income
Your own personal pension
Exploring modern annuities
Learn how annuities work
Perks in tax deferral
Retirement income
Fixed and variable annuities
Tax provisions mean a lot
The basis for your stability
A bullet-proof system
General Investment-Related Terms
Insurance Products Investment-Related Terms

Real Estate Investment Trust (R.E.I.T.)
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) – Your Guide To Wealth
Where there is fear there is opportunity!
Tax Benefits
Long Term Benefits
Building a Cash Flow Machine
International Housing Price Trends
Real Estate Investment Trust’s
(REIT’S) Explained
Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts
Professional Management
Retirement or income for living expenses
Real Estate Investment Trust Sectors
Example Of The Revenue And Expenses Of a 250 Unit Project
Terms most frequently used relating to Real Estate Investment Trusts

ETF Trading Series Part 1 – Knowledge Is Power
Yes, knowledge is indeed power when it comes to Exchange Traded Funds. You’ll be in the know when you begin devouring this amazing series.

ETF Trading Series Part 2 – The Hidden Keys To Success
Ready for more ETF? This installment will reveal hidden pathways to trading that may have eluded others

ETF Trading Series Part 3 -Know What The Experts Know
This is the quintessential manual for expert ETF comprehension as you move toward a higher plateau in your quest for total financial freedom.

Options Trading – A Birds Eye View

Options Trading – The Ins and Outs of Options Trading
Options trading has made dramatic shifts in people’s financial fortunes, for better and worse. Your knowledge of the inner workings of this technique will give you the positive shifts you’re looking for.

Options Trading – The Options Trading Deep Dive

Forex Trading Series – Thriving in the Forex Marketplace

Forex Trading Series – Advanced Forex Techniques

Forex Trading Series – The Ultimate Forex Trading Resource

Bond Investing Secrets Part 1

Bond Investing Secrets Part 2

Bond Investing Secrets Part 3

Elliot Wave Theory Demystified: Practitioners Tell All